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Online Gatherings

Join from computer - smartphone - or - call in

​"Every great work, every big accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision..." - Florence Scovel Shinn

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are a manifesting machine! During this virtual event, held on the full moon eclipse, become an aware, conscious, co-creating god/goddess as you take your abilities to new levels, learning effective tips, tools, and approaches. Gain strength and courage as you honor your desires and bring your abilities to new levels. Enjoy guided meditations to assist you in tuning into your deepest soul's desires as you open the doors of miracles, and align with your ability to manifest.

This wildly empowering event is held on the full moon eclipse. Receive long distance Reiki and enjoy channeled messages, and divinely guided meditations by Mentor, Reiki Master, and Multi-Dimensional Healer Jeanette Hieter. This powerful combo will assist you in releasing the blocks, fears, and worries that are keeping you from living up to your potential.  Receive blessings and energetic support. Join as you learn what it takes to make your dreams a reality.


1. Important Email

Once you purchase your ticket you will receive an email they day of class with all the details on how to connect to this online virtual gathering. You may connect via computer, smartphone, or choose to call in. Purchase Your Ticket Here


2. "Zoom" Program

To connect to class with your computer or smartphone, please make sure you download the Zoom App prior to class. It is very easy. Install Zoom

3. Show up early - Set your alarm/calendar

You are invited to show up 10 minutes before the event begins to get settled in. This also ensures that your technology is properly connected. While it is recommended that you show up on time, if you are running late you are welcome to join. The guided meditation portion of this event is recorded. After class you will receive a copy of the video.

Miraculous Full Moon Manifestation


Online Gathering

Sunday Feb 10th 

7:30pm - 9:30pm pacific standard time

Sliding Scale Fee: $20 - $40
Choose the price that works best for you

To Purchase Your Ticket Click Here

The day of the event receive an email with all details to connect to class

This event is recorded. Once event is completed, if you have purchased a ticket you will receive a recorded video


Take your manifestation abilities to new levels. During class receive blessings and energetic assistance to help manifest your dreams.

This video gives you a sneak peek of online events.

What is it like to attend?

The first 10 min of every event we all gather as we center ourselves and open our senses.

Once we are all settled in, Jeanette begins to channel divinely guided messages from her higherself. Calling in the angels, she sets up safe and sacred space. Throughout this event she shares and sends the healing energies of Reiki to each participant, and their homes. A majority of these events are spent in guided meditation for greater healing, release, upliftment, and inner peace tailored to the energies of the participants.

Enjoy ~

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