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We are all divine beings with so much to offer, and every step we take, every effort we put into cultivating happiness, health, joy, and peace has a profound impact on our life experiences.

I am Jeanette Hieter and through energy work, deep inner guidance, mentorships, tools of empowerment, classes and seminars I assist individuals in  knocking down, dismantling and re-constructing the judgments, illusions, and limiting beliefs that may be holding them back. I work to compassionately guide people into new states of being.

As I work with my clients I am able to perceive a brilliant light and assist with the expansion of this light. With all that may happen I offer a safe haven for people to heal, reconnect, realign, and feel the light shine brightly within them.

August Class Line Up: Click on Events Page for more details

These events are more then a sit down, but truly energetic, healing and vibrationally uplifting

Experience 1. Seven Sacred Flames Class – Date: Thursday August 7th

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Experience 2. Develop & Advance your Intuition - Date: Thursday August 14th

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Experience 3. Spirit Guide Connection - Date: Thursday August 21st

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