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“Jeanette is wise, intuitive, and compassionate, but what sets her apart from other healers is her incredible energy.


Jeanette radiates love and light like no other human being I’ve ever seen. I feel so lucky and so blessed to have received her patient, gentle guidance during very difficult times in my life, and she has been invaluable in supporting my awakening process, especially in helping me release destructive old thought patterns and deep hurts that no longer serve me." 


Tara Rose

"With the help of Jeanette I have not only been able to become whole again, but I have found a connection with the energies around me and Jeanette has provided me with the guidance to not be afraid, rather to take off running into the light with a smile on my face."


Melanie S.

“I loved my healing with Jeanette…. She has an amazing open heart and carries tremendous joy and through this joy great power.

Christopher B.

Life can become difficult, overwhelming, confusing and chaotic. You may feel as if you're being pulled in millions of directions as fears and anxieties ramp up in your demanding life, or sadness and depression creep in. You may find yourself drained as you show up for friends and family members with a caring heart, yet are left with little for yourself. An emerging desire to live a fulfilling and satisfying life may burn and ache deep within, yearning to come forward, as you hold a sneaking suspicion that there has to be more to life. 


You are here for a reason, and know it is time. Time to say "Yes" to yourself as you learn to heal and release sabotaging patterns. Time to shed limiting belief systems as you dissolve fears that are keeping you from truly living. You don't need to do this all on your own. In fact, I have found that journeying with others as they offer support, comfort and encouragement can bring you to new heights. Remember, when you use the same approaches you have always used, you get the same results we have always gotten. It is time for fresh new energies, intriguing perspectives and magical journeys, as we dive deep together and activate your soul's potential.


If this speaks to your heart and soul, I am here to journey with you on this sacred path, hand outreached, heart opened with almost a decade of professional experience and finely tuned spiritual tools. Each session and/or training is created and customized just for you and your interest levels. With my own intuitive gifts, combined with Reiki, Energy Work, Oracle Cards and the help of your Higherself, Archangels & Spirit Guides, I specialize in assisting sensitive people with moving through the world, as they learn to build greater confidence, self-love and healthy boundaries.



I offer comforting support to those who are struggling with interpersonal conflict, divorce and breakups. I support people in navigating through soulmate/twin flame relationships and offer guidance to those who desire to activate their soul's purpose. I support those who struggle with self-esteem and worthiness issues, who desire to heal childhood wounds and/or have a desire to live a soul enriching life. If you are in need, and you feel your heart open, call you forward and it feels like we are a fit, I am here for you and ready to journey.



To set my students up for the greatest success I offer packages of multiple sessions for discounted rates.  I have noticed a vast difference between those students who continue their work on an ongoing basis. Continued work can  bring about 'miracles' and results that truly last. You can schedule by clicking the button below

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