I Am Here To Assist

My name is Jeanette Hieter and it is my passion and humbled honor to assist all those who find their way into my healing studio into greater alignment with their own divine essence, empowering their inner knowing and embodying their soul's light.


It is my greatest joy to facilitate and become witness to the growth and discovery that occurs when we as humans begin to dig deep, reflect upon and open up to the infinite, unbound bursts of nourishing love the universe has to offer.


Life can become difficult, walls of self-preservation can build high blocking us from connection with life and loved ones. Fears and anxieties can get out of control wreaking havoc on our nervous system, feelings can numb as our light seemingly dims and emotions can become so raw and so sensitive that it becomes difficult to take steps forward. Some people begin to notice that they have been taking on the thoughts and emotions of others with dire consequences. It can become difficult to set boundaries, to ask for help, as we try to soften the struggles of our loved ones and try our best to help them. I understand all of these struggles and pitfalls, and I am here here to compassionately assist you in navigating through the difficulties of life to find a greater connection with yourself, your soul and your intuition. I am here to help you build tools and receive healing so you may experience greater joy, peace and harmony.

Our time spent together in sessions is gently customized and adjusted to meet your ever changing and dynamic needs. No matter many sessions we have had together, how many times you have stepped foot into my studio, I show up with you, open and curious with a well of knowledge and a plethora of tools, insights and approaches to offer, guide and hold you in each moment as our time, as your healing and empowering journey organically unfolds before us. Moving with the ebbs and flow of what is needed in each moment, I hold you in safe and sacred space so you may comfortably go within to identify, heal, release and eventually emerge anew like a phoenix rising from the ashes as you explore the possibilities that this new life has to offer.


I meet you where you are, helping to release stagnation, sadness, anxiety, numbness and confusion as I assist you in tuning into your heart's desires, your soul's light, imagining your wildest dreams, igniting your passions as the patterns of the old fall away. The sessions I offer are loving, compassionate, safe, empowering and deeply sacred. The work I do is nourishing, rejuvenating, uplifting and collaborative with long lasting results. I give my all to every client, every student, every soul that crosses my path and finds their way to my healing table. If you feel the call to heal, to be truly honest with yourself, to dive deep within to release, transform and open to new ways of feeling, new ways of living and are ready to walk through the fires of transformation I am here with you, right by your side.

To set my students up for the greatest success I offer packages of multiple sessions for discounted rates. I have noticed a vast difference between those students who continue their work on an ongoing basis. Continued work can  bring about 'miracles' and results that truly last.


My approach as a healer, teacher and coach is loving, gentle, and deep. With unconditional love, compassion, and a decade of tools I meet you where you are, finely tailoring and customizing each session, each retreat, and class to meet your needs and help return you back to the light within.

If you hold within your heart a desire to release yourself from the mundane, to dive deep to the core, uncover your light, and emerge anew, if you are willing to get to the crux of the matter and put the pedal to the metal, than we my friend are a perfect match and I would be honored to journey with you.

~Jeanette Hieter

Soul Rejuvenation

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