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I Am Here To Assist

My name is Jeanette Hieter and it is my passion and humbled honor to assist all those who find their way to me.


It is my greatest joy to facilitate the growth and discovery that occurs when human beings begin to dig deep, reflect upon their old patterns, release outdated perspectives, reprogram their subconscious for higher levels of success, and open up to what is truly possible.


Life can become difficult, and walls of self-preservation can build high blocking us from connection with life and loved ones. Fears and anxieties can get out of control wreaking havoc on our nervous system and feelings can numb as we find ourselves growing distant from life. It can become difficult to set boundaries and ask for help. We may feel like something is wrong, but not know quite what it is. We may wonder if we are good enough, smart enough, or wise to begin our own business. I understand all of these struggles and pitfalls, and I am here to compassionately assist you in navigating through the difficulties of life to find a greater connection with yourself.

Our time spent together in sessions is customized and adjusted to meet your ever-changing and dynamic needs. No matter how many sessions we have had together, how many times we meet, I show up with you, open and curious with a well of knowledge and a plethora of practical tools, unique insights, and life-changing approaches to offer and guide you in each moment as remember who you are and claim your most empowered life.


I craft safe and sacred space so you may comfortably go within to your emotional body to begin to identify your core issues, heal your fears, release sabotage, and eventually emerge anew as you explore the possibilities that this new life has to offer.


The sessions I offer are loving, compassionate, safe, empowering, inspirational, and life-changing. The work I do is nourishing, rejuvenating, uplifting and collaborative with long-lasting results. I give my all to every client that crosses my path and finds their way to me.



If you are yearning to heal, to be truly free, to dive deep within to release, transform, and open to new ways of feeling, and new ways of living, and are ready to walk through the fires of transformation I am here with you, right by your side to support you.​

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