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Meet Jeanette's Clients!

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Michelle - Angel Classes & healing childhood!

Jim: International Coach who Receives Sessions!

Sarah - Reiki Trainee  & Now my Co-Teacher!

Danea - Student, Mentorship & Empowerment!

Receives Menotrship & Help Writing her Book!

Chris - Reiki Trainee & Spiritual Growth!

“I attended Jeanette’s beautiful retreat in Still Meadows Reatreat Center and it was so amazing on every level.


The land was enchanting as nourishing to the soul in every way. I really found pieces of myself on this wonderful journey thanks for her beautiful guidance. It was amazing to hear her wise words of wisdom during those two days. It was almost sad to leave as we seemed to have frozen in time for a brief moment and really nourish the soul on all levels. Her teaching, the area, and the food were fulfilling on ever level.


I remember leaving knowing I had reached a new level within myself and her ways of perceiving the world gave me more curiosity and continued to propel the deep hunger within me for spiritual knowledge. Jeanette’s wonderful healing sessions and meditations she held during the retreat really took me to new deep levels that I couldn’t wait to tap into.


Everything was put together so beautifully. I’m so thankful on every level for attending that beautiful retreat as it also help bring healing to areas of my life that needed attention. The soothing land also helped in that aspect as you can feel like you almost enter a different time and space.


I say to anyone who is even pondering the idea: GO, GO, GO! It would be the best decision you can make for yourself, and will not disappoint!”     


-Tiffany R.




“The Reiki classes at Divinity Within have truly been an amazing experience!


Jeanette takes the time to discuss the development of Reiki, how it was brought to the West, and ultimately, how it was spread throughout the world. She provides her students with a hands-on learning experience, always stresses the importance of self-care, and the importance of setting up a “sacred space” for your client. The small class size offers students a more personal approach to Reiki, which is crucial to the learning process, and makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease.


Jeanette’s enthusiasm for Reiki is undeniable and that enthusiasm, certainly touches each and everyone of her students."      


- Brian Gilroy – CHt





“I attended Jeanette’s retreat at Still Meadows Retreat back in October.


Although I didn’t know what to expect, I knew that Jeanette would have something great planned. It turned out to be a weekend full of healing, empowerment, and new friends. Even though it was only two days, it felt like a rejuvenating, week-long vacation.


Jeanette is such an amazing mentor and healer. I am still astonished at how much she was able to cover in such a short time. I had been through a very difficult summer, and Jeanette’s awareness and knowledge has helped me tremendously. The knowledge and insight that she shared are tools that will benefit me for the rest of my life. 


In addition, the property where we had the retreat was beautiful, peaceful, and very magical. The energy of Still Meadows Retreat Center was remarkably cleansing. The food was also very enjoyable. We had a healthy, mostly vegan menu, that everyone enjoyed. Every meal was different, yet they were all uniquely incredible. I also had the pleasure of meeting so many new friends. I got a chance to mingle with every other attendee at the retreat, and each one of them was so friendly, as if they were all old friends.


I am absolutely grateful that I was able to attend Jeanette’s retreat, and I would highly recommend it if you are thinking about it. It changed my life, and I faithfully believe it will change yours." 


- Jaci Latendresse




“New to this healing world and free from expectations, I was thoroughly looking forward to learning, growing, and finding healing on a new level. Jeanette’s retreat provided that and so much more.


Upon driving onto the sacred ground that is Still Meadows Retreat Center, my heart and soul felt such welcome, peace, and connection. Tears welled in my eyes as I knew I was EXACTLY where the Universe wanted me to be.


Still Meadows has so many wonderful spots where your soul and physical self can find rejuvenation, relaxation and deep healing. Maps are provided so can locate all the places that speak to you. The meals they provided were fresh, healthy, nourishing, and delicious. It was a great complement to all of the other forms of healing being provided.


I felt such connection with the other souls and energies that attended the retreat and thorough loved the feeling of being among kindred spirits. Jeanette’s wisdom, knowledge, and loving & guiding energy are still imbued among my pages and pages of retreat notes. I still regularly glean them for pearls of new understanding.


Jeanette's guided meditations lead me to places I had not been before and healing from the inside out. I’ve continued to use several of the methods, in particular the crystalline tube, that she taught which have strengthened my own meditation practices. Jeanette and co-teacher Sarah provided intuitive insight and clarity for each participant in addition to more resources, tools, and skills to take away and apply to our individual journeys.


If you feel like the opportunity to attend one of Jeanette’s retreat is calling to you, give yourself this most magnificent gift. You will receive divine blessings!”     


- Hanna Perez


Testimonials for Sessions, Classes, Trainings  & Retreats...

“My time with Jeanette was nothing short of amazing! I felt completely at ease with her.


She is very warm, vibrant, compassionate, and kind. She glows from within with love and light that radiates out from her like sunshine. Her methods are very powerful yet gentle and natural. I felt the session flowed very organically and was overflowing with love and healing. Jeanette shared tools with me that I will use my entire life. I left feeling energized and light as air. Jeanette is simply a joy to work with and I would recommend her to anyone!“

       - Sarah R. Reiki Master, Teacher & Energy Alchemist 




“I loved my healing with Jeanette….I felt divinely guided to see her after seeing a link for her on a website. I felt really graced by her presence and by the divine energy that came through as a result of her openness to spirit.


She has an amazing open heart and carries tremendous joy and through this joy great power. I set my intention during my healing to receive more financial flow and support and two days later was gift with a small raise at work which was completely unexpected. For days I have felt the reverberations of this healing still with me. For someone with a sensitive heart and a hunger to connect more deeply with my spiritual beingness I was/am truly honored in every way by this experience."         


- Christopher B. 




“Jeanette is wise, intuitive, and compassionate, but what sets her apart from other healers is her incredible energy.


Jeanette radiates love and light like no other human being I’ve ever seen. I feel so lucky and so blessed to have received her patient, gentle guidance during very difficult times in my life, and she has been invaluable in supporting my awakening process, especially in helping me release destructive old thought patterns and deep hurts that no longer serve me."    


      - Tara Rose Author, Reiki Master & Spiritual Teacher




“The words I have to share about Jeanette are nearly impossible to do in a short enough paragraph for one to understand how incredible, bright, connected and helpful this woman is. Jeanette carries a light around her that attracts and welcomes everyone she comes into contact with. I came to Jeanette during a time of loss hope, confusion, and pain. Within hours Jeanette worked with my physical and Etheric self to have me connected and rejuvenated back into the light. Since this experience I have been working very closely with her on multiple levels.


When Jeanette speaks to you she is not speaking at you, rather she speaks to your soul. She listens a way no one ever has listened. When she gives you an explanation she provides lots of analogies details and perspective in order for one to truly grasps the reality of what she is trying to teach you. Jeanette uses a variety of tools to guide you on your journey and help you connect with the light. She provides group classes, personal work as well as spiritual work.


With the help of Jeanette I have not only been able to become whole again, but I have found a connection with the energies around me and Jeanette has provided me with the guidance to not be afraid, rather to take off running into the light with a smile on my face.


Overall, I am blessed to have encountered such a genuine person in my life and I encourage all who seek connection, are going through a hard time, or just want to learn about the material Jeanette has to offer to see her. "     


- Melanie S.


































































































































































“Jeanette Hieter is a wonderful teacher, who explains fully her lessons. Not only in her own personal way, but in a way that makes you feel that she’s talking just to you.


Extremely knowledgeable within her expertise, very detailed. She always has the right answer to any question that is posed to her. A bright lights shines around this lady, which she emits to all around her. I would highly recommend her regarding a class she may teach, or a healing. She shall not disappoint. 5 stars.“

       - Kathleen H.




“Jeanette is a bright and shining light, with an incredibly pure connection to Source which she brings in and gifts to her clients, helping them clear and heighten their own experiences. I am truly amazed at how lighter and clearer I feel after experiencing sessions with Jeanette."

       - Tillie H.




“Jeanette Hieter is a wonderful teacher! Anyone who has a session with her knows how bubbly and full of life she is!


I have taken the full Reiki course from her, from level one to master class. I was really lucky in that it was a smaller class… so the entire class was very personalized. We were able to practice what we learned, and she figured out the needs of each of the students in that if we needed more or less time for each thing, she was able to customize it on the fly. She explained everything very well, with the chance to ask questions as we needed. I would recommend Jeanette as a teacher due to her ability to read the situations, figure out if you need more time or help as you need it.”       


- Judy B. Reiki Master




“When I first came to Celestial Awakenings I knew I was looking for something but I wasn’t entirely sure what. I had been told about this great energy that surrounds us and that all we had to do was reach out and ask for it to come into us, but again I had no idea how to do such. It wasn’t until my first session with Jeanette that things really starting moving for me.


When I met with her I didn’t know what to ask for, I had so many questions I hardly knew where to start, but she knew what I needed.No question I asked was too silly or out of place, she responded with joy at my searching, she knew that I was ready to accept the answers she had to offer…During my session Jeanette did healing work on me and walked me through a meditation to align my chakras as well as let go of everything that no longer served me. During this process I finally felt the energy within myself. I felt it move and change in ways I never thought possible. When my session was over I was so invigorated! I felt like at any moment I would sprout wings and fly and I wanted to share my joy with the world!


I have only had one personal session with Jeanette but I have been to several of her classes and after everyone I feel like I have taken another step in the right direction. So much has changed and I have learned so much about myself and the energy that surrounds us that I will never be the same. Through Jeanette’s open and wonderful session and classes I have found a new way of life filled with joy and optimism, I now know anything is possible."

       - Allison R.




“Working with Jeanette has been a very positive experience for me.


I have had one-on-one sessions with her and also the Seven Sacred Flames Class (which, I can tell you what a Ray is now!), plus I have felt the power of the Rays. Right after our class last Friday, which was the Green Ray of physical healing, Archangel Raphael’s Ray. I had been struggling with a cold for a week, felt heavy and down. After our class and meditation WOW I felt all that yuk gone. Also during one of our one-on-one sessions, as I was looking at Jeanette I closed my eyes,  then I saw this picture in my third eye, a Madonna. I opened my eyes and closed them again and there the image was again, I call this image The Lady in White. Whenever I am around Jeanette, now with my eyes open or closed I see this beautiful image, The Lady in White…Im not sure what that means, but I believe it’s pretty special when it only happens around Jeanette.


Her approach with me and others has been very professional with the highest regard for each individual. Jeanette is kind to everyone, and is truly a happy soul of love and light. She will enlighten you and then you will enlighten others."

       - Sue B.




“I really enjoyed the class I took with Jeanette. She herself and the energies she works with are very gentle, loving, healing, peaceful and balancing. The exercises she teaches are very simple, quick and effective to reconnect to one’s own unique essence, and for restoring balance, peace, and centeredness. I would recommend Jeanette’s classes to anyone.”

       - Kristen Adams Reiki Master, Sound Healer,

Craniosacral Therapist  




“Jeanette is a gentle yet powerful healer in our community. She is very skilled at working with energy and the shifts it provides. Her descriptions of what is happening are reassuring and simple. I always feel relaxed and comfortable when I have a session with her. When I point out sensations that are occurring in my body, she can quickly move in and focus on that area to provide energetic support that is needed. I highly recommend Jeanette to anyone seeking a healing session."

       - Lara H.

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