Reclaim Your Life

With Reiki Master Jeanette

My name is Jeanette and I have dedicated my life to assisting heart-centered, sensitive people with walking the healing journey.


Through Reiki sessions, retreats, transformative coaching and oracle card readings I work to empower my clients and students as they learn to cultivate greater inner peace, grow in levels of self-love, activate their intuitive gifts, connect with the natural flow of Universe and build a purposeful, soul inspired life. 

One-on-one Session

Customized Healing, Coaching & Support to Meet Your Needs 

Available in person at Celestial Awakenings or via phone sessions (Zoom sessions also available).

Whether you are seeking assistance to help you make an important life decision, desiring to connect with your soul's purpose, have recently faced the loss of a loved one, in need support with the grieving process, experienced a difficult breakup, met a soulmate and are struggling with how to make it work, desiring to open your intuition and third-eye, desire to heal past lives, would like to learn more about your angels and spiritual guides, I am here to support you. One-on-one session are customized and tailored to meet your needs, interest levels and support you on your very personal life-journey. I use my own finely tune intuitive gifts combined with coaching, oracle cards and healing energies. While one-time sessions are helpful, ongoing support sets you up for the greatest success and the longer lasting results. 

My approach is gentle and kind, deeply compassionate, yet powerful. I am here to show you what is possible as you break your free from limiting beliefs and release sabotaging patterns so you may truly begin to live the life you desire.

Reiki Trainings


Reiki Trainings are extremely in-depth, comprehensive, powerful journeys. During these trainings you learn how to use the healing tool lovingly known as Reiki to bring healing and balance into your life and the life of those around you. There are three levels of Reiki Training, Reiki 1, Reiki 2 & Reiki Master. In each level you become certified practitioner and are taught how to offer healing sessions to others, including how to build your own healing practice if you desire. 


It is time to reconnect with your true self.

It is time to remember who you are and feel whole once again. I am here for you.

All my love, 



Soul Rejuvenation

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