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The Archangel Spiritual Retreat!


This Retreat is Fully Booked 

Stay tuned for future retreats

Event Presented by Divine Light Sacred Journeys

Divine Light Sacred Journey events are hosted by Jeanette & Rebecca

Your Hosts: Jeanette & Rebecca

Still Meadow Retreat, the location for our Archangel Summer Solstice Spiritual Retreat! It is truly Heaven on Earth. A beautiful nature filled sanctuary for self-healing, spiritual discovery and soul evolution. Located on 60 lush acres of old growth forest and meadows, it is a truly special place. During this uplifting, inspiring retreat you will have access to healing sauna, labyrinth, homemade meals made by onsite renowned chefs and cozy bedrooms to reflect, integrate and replenish.


You will also have access to hiking trails, stunning creek, lovely classroom spaces that have been beautifully decorated and buildings that have been built to proportions of Sacred Geometry. 


This is the perfect backdrop for your spiritual journey!

This Retreat is Full

Stay Tuned for Future Retreats

Embark on a expansive journey of angelic connection....


Archangels are cosmic, infinitely loving Beings of Light here to support, guide, inspire and protect us on our journey here on Earth.


Connecting with the angelic realm is simple and fairly easy, anyone and everyone can do it! While this connection is simple, building a relationship with the Archangels can offer profound transformative results with great benefits. 

During this inspiring, deeply healing retreat, held just days before the Summer Solstice, enjoy time in sacred communion as you strengthen your connection with the loving Beings known as the Archangels....

The Dates


June 7th - 10th

Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Thursday Begins 3pm

Thursday Doors Open at 2pm

Sunday Ends 5:45pm

Includes All Meals & Snacks


Location: Still Meadows Retreat Center

16561 SE Marna Road Damascus, OR 97089

Payment Plans Below...


During this Uplifting Spiritual Retreat:

All Meals + Snacks + 3 Nights @ beautiful location + 4 Day Life Changing Retreat with two loving Spiritual Teachers

  • Enjoy deeply healing guided meditations to meet and enhance your connection with the Archangels. This is perfect for all levels! Guided meditations give space for both advanced people and newbies to develop and enhance their connection.

  • Learn in-depth info about the different types of Archangels, their unique energetic signatures, what they assist with and how to call in their help in your daily life.

  • Prepare and enjoy energies for the Summer Solstice!

  • Enjoy access to 60 acres of sacred land with access to hiking trails, year long creek, old growth forest, a walking labyrinth and a sauna!

  • Enjoy delicious homemade meals made by onsite chefs to support your journey and nourish your body.

  • Relax in your cozy bedroom for a three night stay in a beautiful location.

  • Release built up struggles, pains, fears or worries as you relax into the unconditional loving energies of the Archangels.

  • Receive divine Energetic Attunement & Activations with each Archangel so your connection is strong.

  • Enjoy Closing Ceremony to celebrate your journey, healing, growth and success with your fellow students. 

  • Receive a certificate of completion to honor your time spent in enhancing your knowledge and energetic connection with the Archangels.


About This Angelic Retreat


The Archangels are cosmic, Multi-dimensional Beings of Love & Light that span time and space. These beautiful Beings offer unconditional love combined with wellsprings of support, wisdom guidance and healing. Connecting with the Archangels is fairly simple, yet profound and for many life changing.

This retreat is created for all those who feel a deep desire to connect with the Archangels, or a yearning to bring their connections to new levels. 

Those who have opened up to the loving support of these Angelic Beings often report feelings of deep peace, gentle healing of emotional wounds, profound heart openings, euphoria, and joy.


Those who continue to build their connections with the Archangels report greater feelings of confidence, grace, increased creativity and inspiration. There are even those who report small to large miracles, profound synchronicity, increased intuitive gifts, expanded awareness, comfort with divine timing and trust in the flow of the Universe. 

Your connection with the Archangels is a truly personal and unique journey as no two people connect with the Archangels in the same way. 


During this retreat we help you to honor, tune into, understand and build your personal connection with these divine beings. This process creates a profound, and for many, life long, connection with the angels.

During this retreat, we also make sure to spend time in guided meditation to truly connect with each of the main Archangels and their counterparts. This leaves you with more tools to add to your spiritual toolkit, as well as a more profound connection with the Archangels.

The Archangels we will be learning about and connecting with during this retreat are:


  • Raphael - Angel of healing, supporting those on a path of healing or those who wish to be healers

  • Micheal & Faith - Angels of protection, helping you to overcome fears, build confidence and healthy boundaries

  • Gabriel & Hope - Angels of communication, creativity and ascension 

  • Chamuel & Charity - Angels of self love, compassion, family and interpersonal relationships

  • Jophiel & Christine - Angels of wisdom and learning

  • Zadkiel & Amethyst - Angels of transformation, spiritual freedom, karmic healing and healing of old patterns and unhealthy habits

  • Uriel & Aurora - Angels of profoundly living your soul's purpose and passionately walking your spiritual path 


We make sure to break down these guided meditations and teachings into a few hour time-frames, spread out over the four days to give you the space needed to integrate the knowledge. We also make sure to sprinkle in light hearted trainings, combined with fun activities, laughter and free time. 

Learning about and connecting with the Archangels is a truly stunning journey! If you feel a tug in your heart and a yes in your soul, you are more than welcome to join this profound, deeply healing journey as we connect with the Archangels near the Summer Solstice.


About the Summer Solstice

The retreat is held 11 days leading up to the Summer Solstice!

The Summer Solstice happens only once a year when our half of the world is tilted closest towards the sun. This is when we enter into summer, bringing about the longest days as the most amount of light  hits our world and, on an energetic level, there becomes great opportunities for expansion, healing and profound manifestation. In the Northern Hemisphere the powerful energies of the Summer Solstice build and are felt throughout the months of June & August, with June 21st receiving the most amount of sun light.


This energetically powerful and potent time known as the Summer Solstice has been honored for thousands of years by many civilizations and cultures around the world. A time to truly open, connect and bring your light into the world.

Just on its own, learning how to connect with the Archangels is a beautiful, emotionally cleansing, deeply sacred experience. Mix the powerful experience of meeting the Archangels with the potent energies of the Summer Solstice, and you have an amazing, unforgettable combination!  

“I attended Jeanette’s beautiful retreat in Still Meadows Retreat Center and it was so amazing on every level. 


The land was enchanting and nourishing to the soul in every way. I really found pieces of myself on this wonderful journey thanks for her beautiful guidance. It was amazing to hear her wise words of wisdom during those two days. It was almost sad to leave as we seemed to have frozen in time for a brief moment and really nourish the soul on all levels. Her teaching, the area, and the food were fulfilling on ever level.


I remember leaving knowing I had reached a new level within myself and her ways of perceiving the world gave me more curiosity and continued to propel the deep hunger within me for spiritual knowledge. Jeanette’s wonderful healing sessions and meditations she held during the retreat really took me to new deep levels that I couldn’t wait to tap into.


Everything was put together so beautifully. I’m so thankful on every level for attending that beautiful retreat as it also help bring healing to areas of my life that needed attention. The soothing land also helped in that aspect as you can feel like you almost enter a different time and space. I say to anyone who is even pondering the idea: GO, GO, GO! It would be the best decision you can make for yourself, and will not disappoint!”     


-Tiffany Robbins

“I attended Jeanette’s retreat at Still Meadows Retreat back in October.


Although I didn’t know what to expect, I knew that Jeanette would have something great planned. It turned out to be a weekend full of healing, empowerment, and new friends. Even though it was only two days, it felt like a rejuvenating, week-long vacation.


Jeanette is such an amazing mentor and healer. I am still astonished at how much she was able to cover in such a short time. I had been through a very difficult summer, and Jeanette’s awareness and knowledge has helped me tremendously. The knowledge and insight that she shared are tools that will benefit me for the rest of my life. 


In addition, the property where we had the retreat was beautiful, peaceful, and very magical. The energy of Still Meadows Retreat Center was remarkably cleansing. The food was also very enjoyable. We had a healthy, mostly vegan menu, that everyone enjoyed. Every meal was different, yet they were all uniquely incredible. I also had the pleasure of meeting so many new friends. I got a chance to mingle with every other attendee at the retreat, and each one of them was so friendly, as if they were all old friends.


I am absolutely grateful that I was able to attend Jeanette’s retreat, and I would highly recommend it if you are thinking about it. It changed my life, and I faithfully believe it will change yours." 


- Jaci Latendresse

“New to this healing world and free from expectations, I was thoroughly looking forward to learning, growing, and finding healing on a new level. Jeanette’s retreat provided that and so much more.


Upon driving onto the sacred ground that is Still Meadows Retreat Center, my heart and soul felt such welcome, peace, and connection. Tears welled in my eyes as I knew I was EXACTLY where the Universe wanted me to be.


Still Meadows has so many wonderful spots where your soul and physical self can find rejuvenation, relaxation and deep healing. Maps are provided so can locate all the places that speak to you. The meals they provided were fresh, healthy, nourishing, and delicious. It was a great complement to all of the other forms of healing being provided.


I felt such connection with the other souls and energies that attended the retreat and thorough loved the feeling of being among kindred spirits. Jeanette’s wisdom, knowledge, and loving & guiding energy are still imbued among my pages and pages of retreat notes. I still regularly glean them for pearls of new understanding.


Jeanette's guided meditations lead me to places I had not been before and healing from the inside out. I’ve continued to use several of the methods, in particular the crystalline tube, that she taught which have strengthened my own meditation practices. Jeanette and co-teacher provided intuitive insight and clarity for each participant in addition to more resources, tools, and skills to take away and apply to our individual journeys.


If you feel like the opportunity to attend one of Jeanette’s retreat is calling to you, give yourself this most magnificent gift. You will receive divine blessings!”     


- Hannaneel Perez

Archangel - Summer Solstice 

Retreat Includes


All Meals + Snacks + 3 Nights @ beautiful location + 4 Day Life Changing Retreat with two loving Spiritual Teachers 

  • Four Day Archangel Retreat at Still Meadow Retreat Center

  • Three nights at beautiful Still Meadow Retreat Center

  • Training on how to call in and connect with the loving Archangels

  • Reiki and healing support by two dedicated, compassionate teachers

  • Multiple guided meditations for Archangel connection

  • Certificate of completion  

  • All meals and snacks provided for the four day retreat 


Choose Your Room

Single, Double, Dorm or Camping

Single Room

Your Very Own Room

See Payment Plans Below

Double Room

Share with 1 other student  

See Payment Plans Below

Dorm Room

Share with 2 other students

See Payment Plans Below


Bring your own tent,

sleeping bag and camping gear 

See Payment Plans Below

Bi-monthly payments also available!

Payments can be made twice a month, every two weeks. Example: If a payment is $100 a month, it can be broken down to $50 every two weeks.


Contact Jeanette for more info: 

Phone: 503-853-9515 

Choose Payment Options

Payments will be automatically deducted monthly by PayPal on date of your first payment. Example: If your first payment was Feb 17th, your next payment automatically deducted would be March 17th, and so on until paid in full.

*All Payments are Non-refundable

Three Monthly Payments 

Choose: Single, Double, Dorm or Camping, or Couple room

Option Ends May 17th

Cellphone version: to engage the drop down menu click on the white box (only click on the Buy Now button when ready to purchase)

Two Monthly Payments 

Choose: Single, Double, Dorm or Camping, or Couple room

Option Ends May 22nd

Cellphone version: to engage the drop down menu click on the white box (only click on the Buy Now button when ready to purchase)

One Payment 

Choose: Single, Double, Dorm or Camping, or Couple room

Option Ends June 4th

Bi-monthly payments also available

Cellphone version: to engage the drop down menu click on the white box (only click on the Buy Now button when ready to purchase)

Lodging & Reservations

If you need support finding a roommate please let me know and I will find a wonderful roommate 

Camping Options Available too! 

Gaia House  

Lovely home with the main classroom and wall of windows

Room A - Reserved Lisa 

Queen Bed with high ceilings. Really lovely

Room B - Reserved Lindsey, Christine

Two Single Beds. Beautiful room


Room D - Reserved Juliana, Melani & Kira 
Four Single Beds located upstairs.  Bright and airy with own bathroom

Room F - Reserved Jessie & Jeikell 

One Queen, on day bed w Single Mattress. With desk and space


Room G - Rebecca, Angela & Jeanette
Three Single Beds & One Futon. Bight room with lots of space. Can be a dorm room or a double room


What to Bring

- Journal & Pen

- Comfy Seating Pillow & Yoga Mat (if you have one)

- Comfy Clothes for Sitting & Stretching in

- Toothpaste & Toothbrush

- Soap & Shampoo

Optional List Below


- Slippers & Cozy Socks (no shoes allowed in classroom)

- Small Personal Sacred Items (crystals, oracle cards)

Chairs, Backjacks & Pillows will be Provided. You are welcome to bring yoga mats, and your own pillows for even greater comfort.

Pro Tip: 
Many students who attend my retreats end up investing in this chair perfect for retreats, especially for those with back pain and difficulty sitting a long time:

Meals:  Once you sign up for the retreat, I will send you a food preference form and the kitchen makes us delicious meals to the specifications of the group. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free available. 

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