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Spring Equinox Healing & Soul Purpose Activation


Celestial Awakenings 

7831 SE Stark St.

Portland, OR 97215

5pm - 8:30pm pacific standard time

Sliding Scale Fee: $25 - $50
Choose the price that works best for you

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No rsvp needed! Just show up & enjoy!

A soulful, joyful, deeply sacred gathering! All are welcome


Are you ready to bring balance into your life? Would you like to spend time enjoying guided meditations, chakra healings and enhance your ability to manifest? Than this is the event for you!


You are warmly welcome to join Transformational Healer Jeanette Hieter and other spiritual seekers as we embark on a healing journey to shed that which no longer serves and gently embrace and open to the energies of renewal, rebirth and emergence on the day of the Spring Equinox. Everyone is welcome to join.


During this event

- Enjoy Guided meditations

- Receive Reiki Healing

- Release fears & worries that have been holding you back

- Activate your soul's light & divine purpose

- Connect with your angels & spirit guides


The Spring Equinox heralds a time or rebirth, transformation and newness! This sacred day happens only Once a Year!


During the Equinox, day & night are in balance, the same amount of light and dark moves through the planet and the Earth is aligned on its axis. It is about moving from the darkness of Winter into the Summer with greater light, harvest and abundance. It is also a special time to balance and honor the Divine Masculine and Feminine within you, balancing Yin and Yang energies. Embracing and calling forth both sides of yourself.


No rsvp needed. Just show up and enjoy.


A healing, joyful celebration as we learn embrace the warmth of spring and open our chakras to receive greater light from our soul and healing from angels & spirit guides.


In many cultures spring is a time of gathering and celebration where planting begins, people begin to once more enjoy the fresh air, and we can reconnect with the earth after the long, cold winter.


Join us as we heal, uncovering ourselves, and go deep within to plant our seeds of manifestation so they may take root and bloom.

Uplifting classroom space  at Celestial Awakenings

Balance Yin & Yang within. Celebrate the Spring Equinox, activate your Soul's Light.

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