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Spiritual Mastery

Mentorship Program

Empower the Light Within

Prices for One-Time Sessions


These one-time sessions are a wonderful way to receive a refreshing new perspective, to gather a new inspiring tool, to experience a deep healing, or balance your chakras. This is also a wonderful option for those who would like to energetically prepare for a retreat or would like greater support after an event or training. This is also great way to meet Jeanette! You may set up these sessions as many times and as often as you are guided...

    1 Hour One-On-One Session

One hour sessions helps to you gain comfort, relaxation and deeper support. During this time you'll be able to receive oracle readings, tool building and energy work. Wonderful for people who would like to dip their toes into the spiritual realms, refresh their senses and bring greater balance into their lives.


- Price $111

     1.5 Hour One-On-One Session

One and a half hour sessions help you dive deep into the heart of a matter to reflect, build tools and emerge refreshed. During this time you'll be able to receive insight, clarity and healing on many levels. Results are often soothing, supportive and uplifting with combination of approaches to support you on your journey. This is the most popular length of session. Warmly recommended for those who would like to dive deeper into their light and bring forth substantial shifts.

- Price $155

     2 Hour One-On-One Session 

Two hour sessions are all about grand transformation! This is a time to open and receive, to explore and emerge. Travel through the dimensions of the soul as you release fears, worries and blocks that are no longer serving you and have been holding you back from reaching your true potential. Healing past lives, deep wounds and bringing in new spiritual energies. For many, these sessions are life-altering, deeply empowering and are well-loved. Highly Recommended for those who are seeking longer lasting results, greater shifts in perspectives, empowerment and vastly enhanced tools/approaches.

- Price $195

     3 Hour One-On-One Session

Three hour sessions are Multi-Dimensional Healings at their finest! Past life healings, divine purpose activation, greater soul embodiment, connection with your true self and deeper connection with your divine essence, We Can Do It All! If you are in search of deep transformation, laser focused clarity, rejuvenation and soul revitalization than 3 hour sessions are what you are seeking! These are honestly my most favorite sessions as it gives us time to traverse the inner realms and heal on greater levels than ever before, some of the longest lasting results I've witnessed emerge from these sessions! The Highest Recommendation, as it brings about the most profound, long lasting, uplifting, and inspiring transformation!

- Price $337

Set yourself up for greater success...

Build the life your heart yearns for. One-on-one Sessions are soothing, supportive and empowering. Each sessions is customized to meet your unique needs...


To set my students up for greatest success packages with multiple sessions are available.


Over my 7 years of sacred service I have noticed a vast difference in results between those who continue their work on an ongoing basis and those who do not. It is like doing dishes, or brushing your teeth, those who do these those who do them on a consistent basis compared to those who do it once a year have very different results, progress and outcomes. The same is true for energy work!

Continued, ongoing, consistent healing, mentorship, support, training and empowerment brings about the greatest miracles and most stunning results that truly last and substantially enhance and transform people's lives! It just makes logical sense! I've also noticed that those who receive ongoing support are able more gracefully and masterfully navigate through the ups & downs of life. It is my deepest honor, joy and sacred purpose to help my clients & students unlock their greatest potential as they learn to cultivate ever increasing levels of happiness, inner peace and empowerment....

Save yourself time, energy and effort by investing in packages!  With packages my clients and students experience longer lasting, miraculous results.  It is time to invest in yourself and set yourself up for success!


Soul Care Package

- Offers 2 One-On-One Sessions

The healing journey is dynamic experience with many layers. The Soul Care Package is a wonderful option for those seeking extra support & healing. 


The first session we will be able to open gateways, build tools, bring in peace and activation. As you move through your life more questions may arise, other layers of pains may surface. For the second session we'll be able to go even deeper to bring greater peace, make adjustments and anchor in more light with the following session.

Empowerment Package 

- Offers 3 One-On-One Sessions

The Empowerment Package is a beautiful way to receive continued mentorship and healing. As life ebbs and flows, I will be there with the help of your angels, spirit guides and Higherself to help you masterfully navigate through difficulty and hone in on and build greater inner stability. This is a time of exploration, reflection and insight.


The most important relationship you will ever have is the relationship you have with yourself. Learning to trust yourself, to heal, to release, to reflect, to forgive and to hold yourself as the precious soul you are is one of the most empowering things you can do.

Transformational Package 

- Offers 5 One-On-One Sessions

As we heal from within, approaching ourselves and life from new vantage point, learning the many ways to listen to our intuition, trust ourselves, manifest and flow with the universe the world opens to meet us. When we begin to remember our true self, comfort, peace, strength and wisdom begins to build and everything else begins to fall into place, and life begins to make sense.


The Transformational Package is a deeply sacred journey of healing, release and emergence. With me as your guide I show up to assist, love, support, and nurture you on your soul's journey. With this package we are able to accomplish much more and take you much further on your journey of self discovery and becoming. If you feel the call deep within your heart, you already know that it is time to honor your truth, to embrace your light, to collect the pieces of yourself and rise to live out your destiny with greater peace, health and spiritual harmony. This package is right for you.

Metamorphosis Package 

- Offers 11 One-On-One Sessions

Can you feel the call deep within? Can you sense the tugging at your heart? Can you feel the pressure building? Your soul is ready to step up and say "Yes" to life! Your soul is ready to activate your true power, to honor your divine essence, to release you from the shackles of limiting beliefs, worries, fears, confusions and heal the pains of the past and open to true freedom. Your soul is beyond ready. Ready to open to greater levels of peace, awareness, intuition and spiritual connection. If you are feeling the call to lift yourself out of the stagnate, patterns that have been holding you back and keeping you from truly living, if your heart harbors a deep yearning for palpable change, if you are tired of the struggle and are waiting to break free and activate to your greatest potential , than this package is what you have been seeking!

The Metamorphosis Package is a sacred journey into the heart, as we explore the records of the soul and bring cleansing, uplifting energies to every aspect of your body, mind and spirit. 


It is time to remember.... You are Ancient. Divine. Sacred. You are a Precious Temple. You are Expansive and Infinite. You are on being asked to embark upon a spiritual adventure and your soul is yearning for this sacred journey.

It is time to say yes to life, yes to yourself, to fully embrace your truth and embody your soul's light

*Payments are automatically dedicated by PayPal one month after first payment. Example: If you make a payment May 7th, next payment will be June 7th.


All Payments made are non-refundable

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