Alana, the owner of the land, and Metatron's Pyramid

Join us for this Deeply Healing Mini Retreat As We Manifest a Deeply Soulful New Decade 



This Sunday , January 12th

Only 3 Spots Left


Saturday Jan 11th

sold out


For Both Dates:

Doors Open at 11:30am

Arrive by Noon

Begin at 12:30pm


Ends around 6:30pm



Held On Sacred Land



Metatron's Pyramid 
Overlooking The Magical Columbia River 

284 2nd St S Kalama, WA 98625



No metal allowed in the pyramid

Metal that is in your body is allowed


Are you yearning for time in sacred space?


Do you desire to be rejuvenated, deeply nourished and replenished?



Do you aching to realign with your soul's essence as you shed the burdens of the past and regain a sense of freedom? 


Are you yearning for community, connection and universal support?


Do you desire greater abundance, sacred flow, deeper connection with your inner knowing?



Are you ready to just get away from the hustle and bustle of life and just enter into a sate of being? If you've said yes to any of these, then this mini retreat has been loving crafted just for you....


With an open heart and open arms you are warmly invited to join Reiki Master Jeanette Hieter along with a group of other spiritual seekers as we embark on a deeply soothing, empowering journey.



This mini retreat offers you an opportunity to harness the powerful light of the new year, along with channeled healing light to fill your cup up, re-harmonize with your soul, activate your ability to attract abundance and up-level your manifestation abilities. 



This is a time for deep rejuvenation, renewal, empowerment and emergence.



This is a time to claim your abundance, commune with your soul and allow yourself the freedom to remember who you are and what you are capable of.  


The Sacred Land

Metataron's Pyramid 

What is it like to visit Metatron's Pyramid and Alana's sacred land? It's like a dream.... It's life changing....

Driving up to this sacred property you feel the vibrations of the ancients moving through you, bringing you back to your deepest truth. You find the burdens you've been unconsciously carrying begin to melt away and dissolve.


When your eyes happen on the pyramid it takes your breath away. Built with sacred intention and born from many years of dedicated work, it is truly a sacred temple of healing, radiating light that blesses the entire area and beckons your light forward.


Exploring the landscape you find beautiful views of the majestic Columbia River, vistas of trees and hills. A labyrinth, mediation cabin and stunning water feature and fairy garden. Every piece of the property curated, honored and intentionally and beautifully decorated.



Stepping into the pyramid undeniable energies move through your heart and soul. Your consciousness begins to expand and gracefully open along with your heart as the petals of your crown chakra unfurl. Vibrations of light move through your cells, unlocking codes of abundance, sacred flow and divine union with your divine essence.



You remember that you are ancient as the wisdom of your soul blesses, guides and holds you in her/his arms. Brought back into alignment with your deepest truths, the aspects of your life begin to take on a new type of sacred movement.

Join us as we plant seeds of pure potential and call forth our wildest dreams.


Everyone is Welcome!

It doesn't matter if you are new to this journey or have been traveling the spiritual realms for quite some time, if this speaks to your heart and you feel the call forward this event is crafted exactly for you.


During this event

  • Enjoy guided meditations to deeply heal what no longer serves you and call forth your soul's light to manifest an amazing new decade.

  • Receive Reiki Light to nourish your chakras, and unlock sacred codes of abundance held within your cells and dna. As we call forth your ancient light, your true self has space to emerge and step forward to help you navigate through life as you make your way to your best life.

  • Journey through the cosmos as we remember who we truly are and what we're capable of while we're in a sacred temple known as Metatron's Pyramid. 

  • Call in, connect with and receive support from your spirit guides, angels, ascended masters and Beings of Light.  You are not alone, and these beings of light wish to help you as you manifest a phenomenal, truly empowered new decade!

  • Enjoy time on sacred land and in nature! With access to meditation cabin, a labyrinth, and views of the columbia river.    

  • Experience powerful time as you commune with your soul, activate sacred codes of light and explore the cosmos.

You will receive all of this and so much more!



The new year heralds a time of transformation and a great becoming! Use these energies to heal, realign, remember who you truly are and build your greatest life.



A healing, inspiring celebration as we learn to embrace the warmth of our soul and activate sacred codes of light.  


It's time to go deep within to plant the seeds of manifestation so they may take root and bloom more fully in this new decade of life. 


Yes! I want to join!


Free 1 hour Phone Session First 4 People to Sign up

Activate Your Abundance Codes & Align With Your Higherself 

Only 3 Spots Left

This Sun Jan 12th 



Choose between Two Packages

Soul Journey Package OR

Cosmic Activation Package 



Soul Journey Package 

For Sunday Jan 12th

Includes Mini Retreat Which Features:


  • All Day On Sacred Land & Access To The Grounds

  • Healing Guided Meditations & Trainings By Reiki Master Jeanette Before Entering The Pyramid

  • Profound, Yet Easy To Use Tools To Take Your Manifestation Skills To New Levels

  • Healing Light To Release You From Anything Holding You Back

  • Two Hours Of Guided Meditations, Along With Positive Affirmations & Energy Work In Metatron's Pyramid

  • Abundance Codes Activations 

  • Time With Other Like Minded Souls 

  • Channeled Messages 

  • Profound Messages & So Much More!




Cosmic Activation Package

For Sunday Jan 12th 



Includes Mini Retreat

* See above for all details


A 2 Hour Multi-Dimensional Session with Jeanette Hieter

This session can be in person session, zoom or phone session. Must be used within 3 months of the mini-retreat. *With this package get $100 off the normal prices of 2 hour session.



Whichever Package you choose The First 4 People who Sign up still Get 1 Hour Phone Session Min Free

No Refunds


Your Investment In Yourself





Mini Retreat Only


Two Payments 

Soul Journey Package

Mini Retreat Only

One Payment 

Soul Journey Package
Mini Retreat Only

Cosmic Activation 



Mini Retreat

Plus a 2 Hour Session with Jeanette *save $100 off regular price of a 2 hour session

One Payment 

Cosmic Activation Package

Mini Retreat + 2 Hr Session


Two Payments 

Cosmic Activation Package

Mini Retreat + 2 Hr Session

Activate your divine light! 

Align with the power of the New Year & manifest your wildest dreams!

Soulful New Year

Mini Retreat

A deeply healing Mini Retreat to nourish your senses

and invite you back into alignment with your sacred self

Manifest an amazing new year! 

Remember who you are and what you're capable of.

Sacred Labyrinth blessed by natives with honored staff

Your Dedicated Guide Jeanette!

Offering comprehensive training and sacred events to activate your light.

The Beautiful Meditation Cabin

Soul Rejuvenation

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