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Reiki Master Comprehensive Training

Still Meadows Retreat Center

Reflect    Heal    Become

Your Reiki Master Jeanette

About This Empowering Training...


Still Meadows Retreat Center

16561 SE Marna Road Damascus, OR 97089


Thursday August 24th - Doors Open 2pm

Sunday August 27th - Ends 6pm


This event is available only to those students Jeanette has attuned in Reiki 1 & 2.

Reiki is one of the most sought after, globally recognized healing modalities. By becoming a Reiki Master you will learn the Reiki Master symbol as well as how to attune and teach others how to flow with this healing, empowering, activating energy. With the Reiki Master training many new opportunities and possibilities become available to you. It is time to unlock your potential and set yourself free....


Are you ready Are you ready to continue and greatly enhance your connection Reiki? Are you ready to be pampered and held in the unconditionally loving arms of the Universe and Ascended Masters? Are you ready to be rejuvenated and nourished by sacred, deeply healing land? Are you ready to share this journey, and continue it with other excited, reverent, compassionate souls? Then you are ready to take your Reiki Training to the next level!


Even if you feel a little nervous, you have come this far and we know deep within our hearts you are more than ready. During your journey, myself and Sarah will be there for you like we have been there for you throughout your Reiki journey, to lovingly guide, support, comfort and empower you as your unique connection with Reiki strengthens and grows.


I amexcited & honored to be hosting this beautiful, deeply sacred event at one of our most favorite locations Still Meadows Retreat!


Still Meadows Retreat is a sanctuary for evolution and consciousness expansion and has been so since the 70's. It is heaven on Earth. Located on 60 lush acres of  old growth forest & meadows, it is a truly special place. During this retreat you will have access to sauna, labyrinth, homemade meals by renowned chefs, cozy bedrooms. You will also have access to hiking trails, year long creek, comfy classroom spaces and buildings that have been built to proportions of Sacred Geometry. There is no other place like Still Meadows!


During the entire training, to enhance each and everyone's experience, I create safe sacred space for each participant by putting a bubble of protective light around each individual, as well as the whole building. As we enjoy guided journeys, this assures that each individual receives the energies that that are meant for them.


Dive deep, heal, release and emerge with greater understanding about yourself and this stunning universal light we lovingly refer to as Reiki.


During this Empowering Training:

- Learn the Reiki Master Symbol, which greatly enhances your connection with your higherself

- Receive Reiki Master Attunements

- Learn how to attune & teach others to Reiki

- Receive assistance, support, coaching and guidance in how to tune into their unique style as a Reiki Master

Become a Certified Reiki Master!

Make Your First Payment to Hold Your Room


Your Total Covers:

Three night stay at a beautiful, sacred location, surrounded by nature with access to amenities like sauna, hiking trails and labyrinth.

Homemade, nutritious breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert made fresh daily by onsite chefs. Snacks also provided daily.

Comprehensive Four Day Reiki Master Training with dedicated Reiki Master.

Bonus 1

$30 off your all sessions with Jeanette from now till September 28th for further support, healing, empowerment & mentorship!

Bonus 2

Supportive gifts & surprises to help you with your Reiki Journey!


Valued at over $10,000


The energies you receive and skills you learn during this comprehensive Reiki Master training you can take with you for the rest of your life, giving you the ability teach and train your own students is if you choose. For those who choose to teach Reiki, this can bring in financial abundance. For those who don't feel the call to teach, these energies greatly enhance and deepen your life, taking self awareness, empowerment and soul embodiment to whole new levels.

For many this event is life changing and memorable, with the energetic blessings lasting many decades into the future....

However you choose to utilize this training, this is truly  an investment in your spiritual development!


Must be paid in Full by the retreat date.... Payment Plans Below....

Single Room

Your own Room: $977

Couple's Rate: $1,663

Double Room

Share a Room  w One Person: $867

Double Room (share with one fellow student)

Dorm Room Total: $795

Must Share Room w. 2 Other Participants

​Dorm Room (share with two fellow students)


Choose Payment Options Below

Must be paid in Full by the training


Payments will be automatically deducted monthly by PayPal on date of your first payment.


Example: If your first payment was April 17th, your next payment automatically deducted would be May 17th, and so on until paid in full.

*All Payments are Non-refundable

To Set up Bi-Monthly Payments Contact Jeanette 

Camping Option Total: $745

Must bring your own tent & sleeping bag

Camping Site on land (must bring own tent & sleeping bag, will have access to bathroom & shower)


-One Payment  (this option ends August 20th)

-Two Monthly Payments

-Three Monthly Payments  

Lodging & Reservations


Important : To officially reserve your room, you must make your first payment.


Roommate : If you need help finding a  roommate please let Jeanette know and she will help you.


Gaia House  

Lovely home with the main classroom and wall of windoes

Room A - Lia

Single Room: Queen Bed with high ceilings. Really lovely

Room B - Brandy & Melani

Double Room: Two Single Beds. Beautiful room

Room C - Carol & Jeff

Single Room: Queen Bed in smaller, cozy room located upstairs.

Room D - Jeanette & Rebecca
Dorm Room: Four Single Beds located upstairs.  Bright and airy with own bathroom

Room E - Kaley
Single Room: One King.  Large bed with cozy seat

Room F -  Shawna
Double Room: One Queen, on day bed w Single Mattress. With desk and space

Room G - OPEN
Dorm Room: Three Single Beds & One Futon. Bight room with lots of space.


Camping - Katie


Cedar Rooms

Stand alone rooms near the creek & sauna with a lovely deck near trees.

Room A - OPEN

Single Room: Queen Bed near bathroom.

Room B -  OPEN

Single Room: Queen bed.

Room C - OPEN

Single Room: Double bed.

Room D - OPEN
Double Room: 1 futon, 1 single bed, one of the largest rooms with a door that separates the two beds a small fridge, desk & microwave. It's like a small studio in the woods!    




What to Bring

- Reiki Binder

- Journal & Pen

- Comfy Seating Pillow & Yoga Mat (if you have one)

- Comfy Clothes for Sitting & Stretching in

- Toothpaste & Toothbrush

- Soap & Shampoo

Optional List Below


- Slippers & Cozy Socks (no shoes allowed in classroom)

- Small Personal Sacred Items (crystals, oracle cards)

Chairs, Backjacks & Pillows will be Provided. You are welcome to bring yoga mats, and your own pillows for even greater comfort.

Meals:  Once you sign up for the retreat, I will send you a food preference form and the kitchen makes us delicious meals to the specifications of the group. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free available. 

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