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Scholarship for

Mt Shasta Spiritual Retreat

It is time to honor the Divinity Within You....


You feel the call in your heart and soul. It is time to call this divine light forward and give it space to play, activate and become. Whether you come to Shasta or not, you know it's time to honor your light, heart and soul. The Universe loves and supports you on all levels and holds you as precious.

Fully Watch This Video
Large Classrom Space

Divinely Inspired  Itinerary

Each day is energetically infused and divinely crafted with your healing journey taken to heart. Woven into this itinerary are sacred gatherings and inspiring activities that are added to assist you in diving deep into your own divine light. During this five day sacred journey, you also are allotted a good amount of free time. This free time gives you the much needed space to rest, heal, explore, play and discover more of the light within yourself and within this sacred landscape.


Continental style breakfast & delicious snacks are provided daily. Please provide your own lunch & dinner. Times below are subject to adjustment which you will be notified at the retreat...



Wednesday July 12th

Allow yourself  6 - 7 hr Easy Drive Down I5

Doors to the retreat open at 5pm


Start arriving by 6:30pm


7pm - 9:45pm Meeting & First Circle

Introduction to fellow students and overview of the retreat with guided meditations to connect with the land, to heal, and ground with Earth & universe and set your journey up for the greatest success.




Thursday July 13th  

Continental style breakfast & snacks provided


11am - Noon Sacred Site


Visit to sacred site of the Sacramento Headwaters , just a short 17 minute drive from the retreat house. You can drink straight from this beautiful springs


12:30pm - 4:30pm Sacred Circle

Guided journeys & healings.


4:30pm - 7pm Free Time & Dinner

During this time you are encouraged to explore some of the town. You are invited to join me at local Mexican Restaurant.

7:30pm - 9pm Special Guest!

Special guest Omaran who lives in Shasta and built the pyramid will be joining us, explaining the energies of Shasta, answering our questions. This man is such a sweet soul and I am honored and excited to have him join us.




Friday 14th

Continental style breakfast & snacks provided

9:30am - Noon Pyramid!

Visit to Shasta Pyramid on Omaran's property. This is a deeply healing, magical place. Chant sacred mantras, heal, release and align with your souls' light! Special items can be bought here made only by Omaran and his Twin Flame who host many retreats and spiritual journeys on their land. This is very special!

IMPORTANT: No metal in the pyramid, includes underwire bra, zippers and jewelry.


Noon - 1:30pm Sacred Site


You may follow us for a guided tour to Peace Garden near the pyramid & small easy walk Panther Meadows which is located on the top of the mountain, 30 min drive from pyramid.


Free Time - Explore & Soak 

Stewart Mineral Hot Springs  - Highly Highly Recommended! Get there early. Soak in mineral springs, large sauna.

Castle Lake - Very popular!

Heart Lake - Gorgeous views of Shasta! Moderate

Waterfalls - Easy walk

Castle Crags - More intense hike 

Siskiyou Lake - Great swimming!

In Town!

Soul Connections - My most favorite, best prices

The Crystal Room - Beautiful SO many rooms

Sacred Mountain Spa - Get massage or facial

Berryvale Co-op - A local treasure!

Dos Geckos - Delicious burritos

Indian Restaurant

Thai Food

Mexican Restaurant

Great Breakfast Food

Say Cheese Pizza


8pm - Bedtime Movie & Stargazing Optional

Optional stargazing and/or movie in the Home Theater. For star gazing you may stay on property or dive up the mountain. It's a easy 30 min drive and many locals & tourists do this activity. Really special!





Saturday 15th:

Continental style breakfast & snacks provided

Free Day


More pyramid time!

An amazing opportunity!


You may choose to reserve Mount Shasta Pyramid & Christ Consciousness Device for yourself or with fellow students Saturday 15th.

Great Idea to share pyramid experience with another student if you are carpooling. This is separate event for a separate fee paid to Omaran, the builder of the pyramid.



Start Arriving by 6:30pm

7pm - 9:45pm Sacred Ceremony & Musics

Closing Ceremony and healing music to balance chakras preformed by Reiki Master & Musician Ryan Patridge who makes intuitively crafted music for Chakra Healing. This is a truly special night



Sunday 16th:

Continental style breakfast provided, begin to make your way back  home


To apply for this scholarship ....


1. Fully watch the above 17 min long video of Jeanette. She describes the retreat, Mount Shasta energies, learn about her teaching style and the details and payments of the two scholarships.

2. Submit your answers by Tuesday June 27th to qualify for the Scholarship.


Send your answers to:

Or through Facebook Messenger



Retreat Date

July 12th - July 16th

Wed through Sun

Sacred Mount Shasta, CA Retreat

For Full Info About Retreat Click Here







Please do not spend too much time perfecting your answers. Answer from your heart and what feels real and most authentic to you.

Send your answers either through written email or answer them with video, which ever is the easiest for you to do is absolutely perfect. Both options will be considered equally. 

Send answers to:
With the headline "Shasta Scholarship"

To Qualify for this Scholarship:

Submit your answers by Tuesday of June 27th

Question #1

Which Scholarship are you applying for? 

- Queen Bed Scholarship

- No Room Scholarship

- Both Scholarships would work for you

Question #2

What are you most looking forward to about this spiritual journey? What gets you most exited about joining this event and why? 

Question #3

How do you feel this experience will assist you in life and/or with your spiritual journey?


Example, do you feel this retreat will give you space you need to heal, time to reflect, help bring your intuition to new levels, enhance your connection with your inner guidance, assist you with embodying your light & purpose.

Question #4

What is your interest in topics such as chakras, energy healing, guided meditations, crystals, angels and/or spirit guides? 


Are these silly topics to you that you aren't sure about? Are these topics that are new to you that are you are highly interested in? Are these topics you have been interested in for a long time?

​Your Shasta Guide

Jeanette Hieter...


Join Transformational Healer Jeanette Hieter as she takes you on a journey to greater states of peace, activation, empowerment, as you tune into the divine flow of your soul and open to the unconditional love of the Universe. Jeanette has been traveling to Shasta since 2009, and has been hosting retreats for over 5 years, and has been helping people heal for 7 years.


Jeanette is passionate about hosting inspiring, deeply empowering, joyful, reflective, rejuvenating retreats infused with laughter, play and time to simply be, to feel and to release.


Offering practical, uplifting tools and approaches, Jeanette believes there are thousands of ways to reach greater states of enlightenment. She believes there are "many paths to reach the top of the mountain" so to say, and helps you cultivate and honor your unique ways forward.

She also believes, that it is not how many students she can produce, but how many masters she can help inspire, that is a true testament to her offerings and approaches.

Jeanette's approaches are gentle and powerful, playful and sacred, inspiring and uplifting.


Whether tears flow, or laughter swirls, whether you prance in the fields or hold your divine self close and heal your inner child, you are honored, you are seen, you are loved, you are honored.


Welcome to Tudor Home
Livingroom lots of windows
Second livingroom

Tudor Home

1 Room Left!

see below for rooms


Just a 8 minute drive to the classroom space

Just a 5 minute drive to town



This nourishing, deeply rejuvenating 3,000 square foot Tudor Home located on 2.8 acres of land, surrounded by trees, complete with two living room areas, sunny kitchen, spacious dinning room,  huge timber beams and wood framing from England throughout the house and spacious bedrooms is the perfect healing paradise for your stunning 5 day retreat.


This home also features a grand staircase with lots of open wood beams


For easy convenience, this restorative home is a short drive to everything you need. Only a 5 minute drive into town, and only a 8 minute drive to our classroom space at the Sanctuary House.


This home is a soothing temple paradise in the trees with two massive living rooms, spacious bedrooms, large couches and almost 3 acres of enchanted land to and more fully embody your soul's light and activate your dreams.

Comfortable, spacious, luxurious and deeply healing. This beautiful, loving, sacred space is here to greatly enhance your Shasta journey and bring you deeper into connection with your own light in a very loving, restorative, soothing and nourishing way. 

Among the trees you are held, you are supported, you are loved....

Scholarship Rates for Tudor Home


Must Submit your answers by Tuesday June 27th to qualify for the Scholarship.


Single Room

at Tudor Home

Scholarship Total $888

Normally $1,777



- 5 Day Shasta Spiritual Retreat

- 4 Nights Lodging Single Room at Tudor House

- Breakfast Foods & Snacks for 5 Days

- Visit to Shasta Pyramid

- Sacred Ceremony & Divinely Created music

- $20 off all Sessions w. Jeanette from moment you make deposit to August 2017


Retreat - No Room 

This options is for those who were not able to get their room in the retreat house. Shasta has many amazing places to rent, from vacation homes, to hotel rooms, to teepee stays, to camping sites.

Scholarship Total $497

Normally $977



- 5 Day Shasta Spiritual Retreat

- Breakfast Foods & Snacks for 5 Days

- Visit to Shasta Pyramid

- Sacred Ceremony & Divinely Created music

- $20 off all Sessions w. Jeanette from moment you make deposit to August 2017

- Your must book your own accommodations. No sleeping accommodations for this option.

 Tudor Home

Scholarship Payment Plan

Must Submit your answers by Tuesday June 27th to qualify for the Scholarship.

Payment Plans are automatically deducted every month on the same day of your first Payment until paid in full

Example: If you pay April 12th, each month around 12th (on a business day), your payment will be deducted until you are paid in full. Please budget for this. 

* All payments are non-refundable


Tudor Home - One Payment:

We can set up Bi-Monthly Payment

Option Expires July 9th

Tudor Home - Two Payments

We can set up Bi-Monthly Payment

Option Expires July 9th

Tudor Home - Three Payments

We can set up Bi-Monthly Payment

Option Expires July 9th

Tudor Home - Four Payments

Option Expires July 6th

We can set up Bi-Monthly Payment

Tudor Home - Four Payments

Option Expires July 6th

We can set up Bi-Monthly Payment

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