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Only 4 Spots Left

Reserve Your Seat Now


Sunday, March 28th

5pm - 6:30pm pst
Only $55! 

Special Gift

The First 4 People to sign up get A free 1 Hour Zoom Session with Glenn and Jeanette Valued At $255! Receive Coaching and Reiki!


Are you done struggling? Are  you tired of attracting the wrong type of client who doesn't see your value? Do you feel like you are spinning around in circles not knowing which steps to take?


Are you ready to claim your abundance and take your business to the next level? 

You don't have to do this alone. We are here to help.



With expert training, inspiring content, a deep well of compassion, humor and solid strategy we are here to help you on your journey towards success.


With so many more people entering the entrepreneurial work space and even more having to rely solely on their small business to pay the bills, we were guided to put together this in-depth training to pull back the curtain of what is needed to set you up for success. 

During This Empowering Training 

  • Learn The Action Steps You Need To Take That Will Help You Gain Exposure, Attract Your Ideal Clients & Build Credibility


  • Discover How To Show Up Authentically In Your Business So You Can Attract Wealth & Happiness And Build A Passionate, Purposeful Life

  • Enjoy A Small Guided Meditation To Soothe The Feeling Of Being Overwhelmed And Cultivate A Success Mindset


You are warmly invited to join us, along with a wonderful group of other entrepreneurs who know the struggles and the joys of being a small business owner.  


Only 4 Spots Left | Reserve Now


Sunday, March 28th

5pm - 6:30pm pst
Only $55


Quick Action Bonus

The First 4 People To Sign Up Get A Free 1 Hour Zoom Session With Glenn and Jeanette Valued At $255! Receive Coaching and Reiki!

Your Teachers 


Meet Glenn


- High Performance Business Strategist 

- Success Mindset Coach

- International Speaker

- Podcast Host

- Founder of Imperfectly Perfect Mental Health Campaign That Is Going Global

- Has Been Featured Internationally In News, Radio, Podcasts, Publications Such As Forbes, GQ And so much more 

- Is A Genuine Heart Centered Person Who Can Help You Reach Success

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When You Work With Glenn He Helps You


  • Ethically Market Yourself So You Can Scale Your Business To Gain Greater Finances

  • Build Your Confidence So You Can Start Positioning Yourself As The Expert You Are and To Attract Your Ideal Clients (we all have expertise, we just need to claim it)

  • Save Money By Organically Growing Your Social Media Following And Building Your Email List Without Paid Ads 

  • Land Speaking Engagements, Podcast Interviews And Media Exposure To Grow Your Business

Glenn Says


"I’m the high performance business coach you hire when you are ready to become an authority in your profession and think bigger about who you are and what you have to offer to the world.


Combining the modalities of business strategy with mindset coaching I assist my clients with gaining clarity, mastering their brand, attracting ideal clients, building their network and accelerating their business.


My mission is to empower you to step into your true authentic self and gain the confidence and clarity you need to achieve your business goals. As an authoritative leader and speaker who has taken his work to International Audiences gaining global attention within 12 months, featured in numerous publications and networks worldwide, I am passionate and committed to helping you unlock your true potential and live your best life.

Meet Jeanette

- Emotional Intelligence Coach For Over 10 Years

- Transformational Guide

- Reiki Master

When You Work With Jeanette She Helps You:

  • Overcome Your Biggest Emotional Blocks

  • Release Self Sabotage 

  • Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind For Higher Levels Of Success

  • Avoid Breakdown And Burnout 

  • Find Your Authentic Voice and Set Healthy Boundaries

  • Release The Grip Of Perfectionism and Comparison 

  • Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

  • Heal Impostor Syndrome 

  • Build Your Most Passionate, Purposeful, Abundant Life

Jeanette Says


"Many of us start our entrepreneurial journey with so much hope in our eyes and passion in our hearts. After all, we are taking a leap of faith, betting on ourselves, breaking the chains of the 9 to 5 grind and believing in the possibilities of what could be. 

We imagine the immense freedom we are gifting ourselves, all the amazing clients we will serve and the new found time we will get to spend with our loved ones. 

What many of us don't realize, is this journey asks us to dig deep, face our fears, unravel our subconscious programming, break through our limitations and expand outside of our comfort zone. It can be daunting, crippling and lonely.

That's where I come. I am here to offer support, guidance, reassurance and practical tools to help you navigate through the ups and downs of your entrepreneurial journey. I have been on this path for over a decade now and I understand the joys and the pains and what it takes to build emotional resilience, learn to trust the process, honor your own innate wisdom and emerge with greater clarity, passion and purpose. 

I create kind, compassionate space for you to process, share, heal and learn. I help fortify you and build you up for long term and sustainable success. Most importantly I truly care. If you are needing support I am here for you. You don't have to do this alone, in fact, you weren't meant to."


Yes! I want to join!


 Its Time To Learn How To Build A Thriving Business And Begin To Attract Your Ideal Clients 


Only 4 Spots Left | Reserve Now


Sunday, March 28th

5pm - 6:30pm pst
Only $55


Quick Action Bonus

The First 4 People To Sign Up Get A Free 1 Hour Zoom Session With Glenn and Jeanette Valued At $255! Receive Coaching and Reiki! 

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Build A Thriving Business

And Attract Your Ideal Clients!

Zoom Training  |  Limited Space! 

An Empowering Training Hosted by

Emotional Intelligence Coach Jeanette Hieter &

High Performance Business Strategist Glenn Marsden

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Testimonial For Glenn

"Glenn gives such incredible value!"

Tanya Pluckrose

Success Mindset & Prosperity Coach

Testimonial For Jeanette

“Jeanette Hieter is a wonderful teacher who explains fully her lessons. Not only in her own personal way, but in a way that makes you feel that she’s talking just to you."  Kathleen H.

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Testimonial For Glenn

"I couldn't be more genuinely grateful and truly inspired or deeply proud to be colleagues with Glenn Marsden.


Your love, light, laughter are a much needed breath of fresh air... If anybody is in need of fantastic business and/or life coach please check him out!"


Robert Mack

Positive Psychology Expert &

Executive Coach

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During Your Zoom Training

  • Learn The Action Steps You Need To Take That Will Help You Gain Exposure & Attract Ideal Clients


  • Discover How To Show Up Authentically In Your Business To Build A Passionate, Purposeful Life


  • Enjoy Small Guided Mediation To Help You Cultivate A Success Mindset

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glenn 3.jpg
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Testimonial For Jeanette

“My time with Jeanette was nothing short of amazing! I felt completely at ease with her. She is very warm, vibrant, compassionate and kind. She glows from within with love and light that radiates out from her like sunshine. Her methods are very powerful yet gentle and natural. Jeanette shared tools with me that I will use my entire life... Jeanette is simply a joy to work with and I would recommend her to anyone!“ Sarah R.

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